Exceptional Care and Service

Diagnostic Evaluation

All patients who are new to the Outpatient Center receive a diagnostic evaluation by a Board Certified Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, or a Clinical Social Worker or Counselor, all of whom are licensed and trained to complete such evaluations. The face-to-face screening assesses the individual’s strengths, available resources and treatment needs.

Individual & Family Therapy

These services are provided by licensed professionals such as Clinical Therapists and Social Workers. Therapy generally occurs weekly until sufficient progress has occurred to decrease the frequency of sessions. Anger and stress management, coping and problem-solving skills, social skills, improved self-esteem and self-control, improved familial relationships, and behavior management are among some of the common treatment goals worked on within the therapy sessions.

Medication Services

Medication services are provided as needed. These services include providing prescriptions, monitoring and patient education.

Individual Treatment Plan

A treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the individual and parent/and or guardian. ITP includes the individual’s diagnosis, presenting problems, needs, strengths, treatment expectations and responsibilities. Long term and short term goals in measurable terms and target dates for each goal.